Global Change Research Center

MOU Signing ceremony with The Future Earth Project, the international Project office

Twenty-three years has passed since established in June, 1991. Nowadays, governments, academics, industries around the world are preparing to embrace the impact of global change, it’s not hard to see that we are farsighted.

In the very first beginning, our goal for this center is to contribute on global change, not only to our country, society, but to the whole world. Today, our nation needs policy and law enforcement to face challenge towards climate change. And this, relies on our effort in the research.Under this rapidly changing environment, Taiwan is facing more and more strict threaten to eco system and the island’s environment, so we believe that we have the responsibility to contribute effort to the environment. Thus, we have heavily mission and challenge waiting for us.

The challenge of the center is by using limited manpower, resources and budget, to create a platform of global change issues for public services, academic and industry. Besides interacting between national and international, cultivating talents, integrating related research results and providing solutions for these issues to our society are also our goals.

Currently, we have three programs, which are Energy Technology Program, Earth System Science Program and Sustainable resources program. Besides those three programs above, we also have advanced schedule for students to require abilities for theory and practical.

Secondly, we also provide as a platform, holding activities, speeches, forums and international conferences for government, academic, industry to participate.

We welcome your participation, and we sincerely hope that we can contribute more to global change issues in the near future.

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