Interdiscipline speech series

Interdiscipline speech series


We started to hold forums about climate change among all fields once or twice every month since 2008, inviting national wide related scholars as the speaker. Since Spring, 2012, We started to cooperate with Climate change and sustainable development research center, holding a series of Interdisciplinary speech on every first Monday in each month, hope to create more opportunities for academic exchange towards issues about environment for humanity science and natural science throughout this platform. Until now, a variety series of speech has been held.


2012- “speech of Disaster and Society research”; “speech of water and society research”

2013-” speech of wind and society research”;“speech of energy and society research”

2014-“speech of tea and society research”;“speech of ecology and society research” 2015-“speech of farming creativity and society research”

About 40-50 people from all fields participate in each Speech. Speaker interacts with participants eagerly after the speech and answering in-depth questions. Besides, we had held three different seminars, “Forum of perspective and retrospective of Taiwan’s research and teaching on climate change “ and ”Interdisciplinary conversation between energy, sustainable and Environment Change” in 2014. This year, the topic “Climate Change in Taiwan” was held, audience and participants have better understanding for the background of Taiwan’s climate change research after the speech.


Interdiscipline teachers communicating forum

  • To enhance interdisciscipline cooperation and research on issues of climate change and energy education. Started from spring, 2015, we held forums on every Friday afternoon, in the fourth week of each month, inviting two scholars each time, introducing their research results.