Sustainable resources program

Look into our future, climate change, weather change significantly, but in other hands, rainfall does not increase significantly; Meanwhile, around the globe, we face issues like conservation of soil and water, heavily water pollution, overpumping underground water, subsidence, over concentration of city population and the increasing demanding on drinking and industrial water while population grows constantly; Others like insufficient of natural resources like food, forest and fossil fuel, we are now facing a situation of limited resources but unlimited demands.


College of bioresources and agriculture, college of life science and many other departments in NTU are compatible of developing “Sustainable Resources Program” with NTU feature, to provide students a chance to study for sustainable resources, making graduate students capable of sense of earth environment and eco protection. “Sustainable resources program” established in 1998, operating by college of bioresources and agriculture and college of life science.


Energy Technology Program


Taiwan submitted guideline of “sustainable energy policy” on the 5th of June, 2008, world environment day, targeting “energy, environment protection and economy” three-win goal, with the principle of “2 high-2 low”(high efficiency, high value, low carbon emissions, low relying), also with following “clean source” and “reduce expenditure” two main principles of sustainable energy policy. In September, “Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction act” was being legislated, starting from five different fields, including energy, industrial, transportation, environment, life, formulating plenty policy on Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, supplemented with bills and other mechanics, and drawing up with schedules and evaluations in each department, hoping to adapt the impact from climate change; Facing global warming and the shortage of energy, Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction is a must must-go action. In Taiwan, the action is extremely important to us since we rely on the import of energy. Energy issues is a difficulties and challenges that all of us have to face nowadays, but except for the policy regulating, law enforcement and the declaration, we still have to implement by education and dissemination in order to gain identification in public. The energy saving and carbon reduction bill will only be success with the action and self-awareness of the public.


Global change research center and college of science, college of engineering, college of bioresources and agriculture, college of life science and college of electrical and information engineering jointly programming “Energy Technology Program”, constructing students’ acknowledgement of energy reduction and carbon emission, cultivating critical thinking of energy related issues, ability and technics of solving problems and assessment administrative, and shaping the core value to the diversification and empathic of sustainable development.


Earth System Science Program


Recently, scientists have acknowledged of humans doing heavily pollution damage to the environment due to the large consumption to the resources, which is also the main reason of causing holes of ozone layer on outer space of south pole, greenhouse effect, desertification and extinction. Thus, international societies had started to legislate environmental protection protocols, in order to enforce authorities to protect environment and ecology. For international academia, organizations featuring interdiscipline, worldwide cooperation have shown up. In school, program with interdiscipline and multi-field cooperation utilizing resources to help students to explore the current and trend of development of global change.

“Earth System science program” started organizing in September, 1996, and established in 1997. Combining curriculums in department of atmospheric science, geology, geography, Institute of Oncenography and college of bioresources and agriculture, college of life science, earth system science program is the first cross-department program in NTU, making graduate students capable of sense of earth environment and eco protection to others in job market.