1. Advisory committee : 13 committee
  2. Director: prof. Jiun-Chuan Lin/Dept. of Geology
  3. Functional team leader:
  • Atmosphere Chemistry: prof. Min-Hui Lo/ Dept. of atmospheric science
  • Climate Change: prof. Chyi-Rong Chiou/Dept. of forestry and research conservation
  • Oceanic Circular and coastal zone change: prof. Chi-Hao Hsieh/Institute of Oncenography
  • Palaeoenvironmental change: prof. Yih-Min Wu/Dept. of Geography
  • Environment change: prof. Huang, Jr-Chuan/Dept. of Geology
  • Sustainable development and econ-society impact: prof. Tze-Luen Lin/Dept. of Political Science
  • Space information: Wen, Tzai-Hung/Dept. of Geography
  1. Research assistant: 3

Current Structure of GCRC, NTU